How Much Does a Full House Refurbishment Cost in the UK?

If you are thinking of carrying out house refurbishment, the cost would be on your mind mostly. Taking a period property back to its former glory after years of neglect is not an easy job. It requires proper planning and dedication to work it out.

If you’re hoping to live in the house for years to come and make it a characterful home for your family, you’ll need to take the time to restore it properly.

Remember that the primary aim of any renovation is to get the property secure and watertight early on to prevent any further damage.

The Paperwork

When estimating the material and labor costs for a renovation project, many forget to factor in any additional fees. Things such as design work, seeking permissions or conducting specialist surveys will all add to the ultimate cost.

The Cost

Insurance costs depend on the property’s rebuild value, postcode risk and the value of the new building works. Estimated range: £600–£1,200

Building regulations fees start at £80 but could cost several thousand, depending on the extent of the work and number of visits required throughout the project.

  •  A local contractor may be able to help you estimate these fees based on past jobs.
  • A preliminary bat survey will cost around £300, with a full survey of £1,000+ required if this shows bats to be present.
  • A warranty to cover the building work is sensible. Expect to pay £1,000–£5,000 for a 10-year warranty.

Permission Fee

The planning permission cost is around £206. It can vary.

How much does a house renovation cost in the UK?

The 1930s 3 bed semi-detached property which would need some elements of structural work flagged in the survey, as well as everything aesthetically doing to it, the estimated cost is between 50K – 150K. It is entirely possible for a semi-detached house depending on the scale of the work. 

But it can still differ from house to house.

Many factors like design, the kind of materials used, locality, the kind of contractors hired matter a lot.

It is important to keep in mind that every house is different, everyone’s taste and needs are different and labor costs are different across the country. So, if you’re trying to work out costs for a house renovation, it’s difficult to come to a single figure for all these reasons and more.

Experts Advice

Finding an expert such as an architect, builder or designer can give you a good steer for inspiration and planning. 

Planning Regulations

In terms of planning consents, it’s worth knowing that smaller renovations may fall within permitted development limits, meaning planning permission is not required. 


Set a budget and work it around. It is not possible to give one definitive cost bracket for the house refurbishment as every design differs from the other. However, it is fairly easier to work a budget through if a set amount is fixed and planning is done accordingly.

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