Best construction companies in Surrey UK

Whether it is refurnishing an old apartment or the construction of your dream house, finding the best construction companies in Surrey UK can be challenging with so many names floating in the market. 

Innovation, uniqueness of the design, delicacy of the details, latest technology, strongly built, accurately following the map, using the best material out there, professionalism, a strategized approach and the accuracy of work is important in the construction of all kinds.

It is always teamwork to make the best architect and produce work on time without any delays catering to all the demands of the client.

What are the Best construction companies in Surrey UK?

When you are about to embark on your journey of investing in the dream construction that you have been planning for years, keep in mind to do thorough research before picking the company of constructors that can cater to all you are looking for.

A team that consists of dedicated professionals excelling in their field and working together can always prove to be a good option to deal with. Constructing anything not only requires a multidisciplinary approach but also comes with so many delicate aspects to deal with.

Many companies have been working in the market and gaining the trust of people. 

However, here are a couple of names that are considered as the best construction companies in Surrey UK.

Cater Adams Building Solutions:

With an experience of over 15 years in the construction industry, they claim to expertise in refurbishing the old apartments/houses/buildings. The success of their projects is a testimony to the fact that they specialize in what they claim about. Accommodating, patient and flexible to the needs of clients; their work agenda follows punctuality, professionalism, mutual cooperative code of conduct during the execution of projects, catering to all the demands of clients by keeping their satisfaction an utmost priority and a strict timeline of delivering within the specified time frame.


Founded in 1924, they have the experience of years as the pioneer contractors and one of the best construction companies in Surrey UK. They deal in all kinds of projects ranging from healthcare, educational, commercial, residential, community buildings, leisure, partnership housing and more. They work on the timeline of team approach towards all their projects with dedicated professionals specialized in their respective skills making it a mutually cooperative environment of work. With quite a number of successful projects to their name, they are one of the trusted and go-to contractors in Surrey UK for all the construction-related work.

C J Akers & Son:

A family run business with over 40 years of experience, they offer friendly services, flexible budgets and a very promising outcome on all the building and construction projects they cater to.

Hampton Court Hands & Ltd:

With a dedicated team of trained and skilled specialists, they claim to offer the best work within the time and produce the best construction results in the market.

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